Welcome To Angelpadz - Eco-friendly, comfy, cloth san pro!

Angelpadz reusable menstrual pads are our alternative to wasteful throwaway products. We offer modern cloth pads in a range of sizes, colours, prints and fabrics to suit you and your own
 Why Reusable?
One woman in her lifetime will use an average of 10,000 disposable sanitary products!
Most of these fill up valuable space in our landfill sites, or are flushed down the toilet. Just as with disposable nappies, the plastics in disposable sanitary wear are not biodegradable and could take hundreds of years to decompose. Flushing them down the toilet is not much better - many of the 'disposable' products flushed down the toilet end up in our waterways and on our beaches, posing a danger to aquatic wildlife.
If you've not used reusable before, cloth pads are not as 'yuk' as you may think! They are easy to use, just rinse them off in cold water and chuck them in with your laundry. They are healthier than tampons and disposables, with no risk of TSS, no chemicals and no waste. You will also find them more comfortable - being cloth, they feel just like your underwear, and many women find their period is lighter when switching to cloth.
Save money by switching - do you really want to know how much 10,000 disposable products cost?! Far more than a collection of washable sanitary towels, which will last you years if you take good care of them.
Once you have tried the alternatives you won't want to go back to disposables again!