Fabrics Used

Fabrics and washing information
Angelpadz are made up in a choice of fabrics, each chosen for their quality and suitablity for the purpose. I prewash and tumble dry all fabrics prior to sewing, except PUL as this doesn't shrink or colour run, being polyester. All fabrics, therefore all Angelpadz are safe to wash at 60 degrees celcius and tumble dried, but they will last better (and be more eco friendly) washed at 40 and hung / line dried.
Top layer
For the top layer of the pad, next to you, we prefer natural fabrics, as they are breathable, better for sensitive skin and reduces the chance of thrush.
Cotton Flannel:
Cotton flannel, often called brushed flannel or wincyette is made soley of 100% cotton. It is a brushed woven fabric, with little stretch and very soft. I use cotton flannel over standard 'woven' because of it's absorbency, drawing fluids straight through to the middle layer, as well as it's softness. I use printed flannel sourced in the US in lots of different, fun and funky designs to brighten up your stash, or solid colour Killington flannel, a high quality, heavyweight quilters flannel, dyed by me using dylon dyes (this is also used to back panty liners and for pantyliner inners). Organic cotton flannel is also available in it's  unbleached, natural colour.
Bamboo Flannel
A new fabric on the market, bamboo flannel is 100% bamboo, and like cotton flannel but even softer! The bamboo also gives it a slight sheen. This fabric is certified lead free by Intertek. It is made with an Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified bamboo. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a globally uniform testing and certification system for all stages of textile production, ensuring it is free from harmful substances.
Inner Core
The inner layers, hidden between the top and bottom layers of the pad, do all the work of absorbing menstrual fluid.
Pantyliners have an inner core of 4 layers of cotton flannel (see above). I use a mix of killington flannel, and the leftover bits from cutting out print flannels, so there is very little waste fabric. Organic cotton pantyliners have organic cotton inners.
Bamboo fleece:
70% bamboo, 30% organic cotton, manufactured in China. We use 2 layers of bamboo fleece in the regular and medium pads, and 3 layers in the long pads.
Backing layer
We currently use PUL or fleece as a backing for Angelpadz in regular, medium and long. Pantyliners and thong liners are backed with cotton flannel.
PUL: known as polyurethane laminate, PUL is a polyester knit fabric, laminated on one side to make it waterproof. It comes in many colours, and is widely used in the nappy making industry as a nappy cover. Our PUL is breathable, yet waterproof and will offer effective protection on your heaviest days, without being 'sweaty'. We sew Angelpadz with the laminate on the inside, so you won't see the waterproofing. PUL is very hardwearing and safe to wash at 60 and tumble on cool. Made in USA.
We offer white anti-pil polyester polar fleece as an alternative to PUL - Fleece offers good water resistance and provided you change pads regularly, are perfectly fine for moderate flows. A little bulkier than PUL, but more breathability.