Summer 2013

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As the big summer holidays are almost upon us, which means less time for sewing I'm going to stop taking custom orders from this Sunday, the 7th July. I'll be gradually taking off all the options from about 9pm GMT, so anything specific you want, get your orders in ASAP!

There will still be instock pads available - I plan on making a lot more of these over the coming weeks as I have loads of beautiful, different flannels crying out to be made into pads, most of which are in limited quantites, so I'm looking forward to going through them all and rediscovering what I actually have!

As always, AngelPadz continue to be available through our online stockists, UK ones are Earthwise Girls, Luxury Moon and Feminine wear. I'm around on Facebook too, and regularly put up photo's of pads I've made and are currently working on.

Have a great summer!


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