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  1. Are almost upon us! My Children break up from school tommorow, so I'm devoting more time for family over the next few weeks. This means custom made AngelPadz will be taken down from the website this Sunday evening... Instock pads will be available and still be posted as normal until July 27th, and we'll resume service sometime in August, will let you know!

    Feel free to follow us on facebook as I update regularly - search AngelPadz or use the link on the side column.

  2. Custom ordering is now back, thanks for your patience while I was catching up! Navy Daisy and Mosiac are all used up now, so I've took those off but I've added solid black flannel, so you have all black pads again.

    As you probably know, Royal Mail put their prices up on April 30th, which means I have had to review postage prices too. To try and make this as fair as I can, I now charge by weight, not price.

    UK postage charges are as follows:
    up to 100g - £1.20
    anything over is £2.70
    Pretty simple really - smaller orders are now actually cheaper, because I can pack 2-3 pads in a large letter envelope. I'll pack these flat, without the ribbon, and I often reuse large envelopes for this, as it keeps costs down and saves waste! Up to 100grams is 3 pantyliners, or 2 larger pads. Anything over this is sent 1st class post, and I use recorded delivery for anything worth over £30 (I don't charge extra for this) Pads are sent labeled and tied with ribbon in a degradable polythene bag.

    Europe postage charges are as follows:
    Up to 100grams - £2.70
    up to 200g - £3.16
    up to 300g - £3.62
    up to 400g - £4.22
    up to 500g - £4.82
    up to 600g - £5.42
    700g and over - £5.95

    Postage is sent Airmail to Euro.
    As allways, if you are anywhere else in the world, please email for a shipping quote and I can't post to the USA or Canada for insurance reasons.