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  1. The blog is back! I must admit, I have missed it :)

    Well it's September, the children are back in school, custom orders on AngelPadz are back on now I actually have some time to myself to make them, so it's all go again!

    To start with I have some lovely new fabrics - Funky Monkey, Cattitude, Mosaic and Peace. Some of the older ones are still around like pink spot, blue butterfly and pink camo. Some others are running low and won't last long - these are the celestial blue, zebra and daisy. Butterfly scarf is all gone. Cupcakes in bamboo flannel has run out, but more is on the way.

    I've been having a play about with categories on the website too - Some of you like to shop by fabric, while others prefer to go by size, so I'm going to leave both options on, but try to simplify it as much as I can. I have took the inner core (hemp or bamboo) option away as it seems most of you don't really mind which to go for, and it's yet another click - I'll be making all regular and medium pads up with bamboo fleece inners and long pads with hemp from now on. This means I'll be able to get through orders a little bit quicker too.

    Let me know if you have any questions about any of the above, or if you spot any gliches!