About Us

Angelpadz is owned and run by me, Sarah, I run my business at home, around the demands of my growing family, including my partner Dave and our 4 children.  When I'm not working on San pro I like to sew for my family, go running,  and try to avoid the housework!
How it all began....
I used cloth nappies on my 4 children, and cloth menstrual pads seemed a natural progession - I was using cloth on my babies, why not me? I set up Angel Tots, a cloth nappy shop in 2004, as back then decent cloth nappies were still not readily available. I gradually moved over to manufacturing most of my products, including the Stuffie Nappy, wet nappy bags and Angelpadz. Angelpadz went on to become my biggest seller, and popular with many women, not just mums, so at the end of 2010, with all my children now out of nappies themselves I decided it was time to leave nappies behind and concentrate soley on menstrual products.
Fabrics are sourced from reputable suppliers from China and the US - unfortunately suitable fabrics are not manufactured in the UK.
Angelpadz is a cottage industry - they are made by me at my pet free and smoke free home, in my designated sewing space.
In the Office we use 100% recycled paper, and re use waste paper, often as address labels or paper for the children to scribble on. Ink cartridges are refilled and eventually recycled, old computer equiptment is given away, and supplies are used again and again. The Computer is switched off when not in use and the plug turned off at night.

In the sewing room (aka dining room!) All machines are switched off when not in use. Fabric scraps are reused for other projects, children crafts, even as stuffing for toys.

At AngelPadz I aim to provide friendly, personal and profesional service at all times, with good communication and fast delivery times.

Contact:You can contact me at Sarah@angelpadz.co.uk or message me on my facebook page. Please ask if you have any queries about the products, I'm happy to help!